Leather Scripto Patina Light Tan Long Wallet (2614825975893)
Leather Scripto Patina Light Tan Long Wallet (2614825975893)
Leather Scripto Patina Light Tan Long Wallet (2614825975893)
Leather Scripto Patina Light Tan Long Wallet (2614825975893)
Leather Scripto Patina Light Tan Long Wallet (2614825975893)

Long Wallet Light Tan

Regular price$529.00

Bosphorus Leather Long Wallet Light Tan

Dimensions: 18 cm X 9,5 cm (7.1 X 3.74 in inch)

Bosphorus Leather Scripto Patina Light Tan Long Wallet is specifically designed to serve you carry your banknots, receipts, your ID cards, credit cards, your passport during your travels and you can either put your handy(mobile) in all together! It is pretty useful and highly elegant with its scripted Patina Leather. It is as precious as the money that it carries in! This stylish wallet will be your good friend that you won't want to put it away from you while you get out! You will love its appearance and functions!

All handcrafted and hand-dyed this premium wallet is crafted from a hundred percent full grain and highest quality Patina Leather. Its vintage appearance is being given by Bosphorus Workshop Craftsmen who have mastery of leather dying and vintage effects.

On the left side, there are two inside pockets and on the other side, there is another pocket under the cardholder part. There are five slots in the cardholder part that you can use for your IDs, credit cards, etc.

Product Features
  • Patina Leather for Outside and Inside
  • 2 inside pockets on the left side
  • 2 inside pockets on the right side
  • 5 slots for your various cards

You can customize the color of the case (purple, pink, orange, and such others), and the type of leather. Lots of variety of Wallets are available! Just check out the "Wallet" Menu!

Now, make this highly elegant, full handmade Wallet yours!

For inquiries, please feel free to contact us by email at info@bosphorusleather.com

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