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      Zipper Watch Case

      With years of experience, Bosphorus Leather perfected its way of creating the ultimate watch case for you. The creators of the perfect watch case know that, as time goes by, the importance of watches for men has never changed. With the endless option of watches in the market, it is possible to accumulate a watch collection and if you are an avid traveler it is hard to choose which one you want to use during your travels or weekend getaways. You might need different watches for different occasions or you just like to have options. The important thing is that each one of your watches deserves ultimate care during travels or storing at home. Bosphorus Leather zipper watch case offers your precious timepieces protection, durability, and versatility. This makes the perfect gift for your loved ones or the perfect travel accessory for you.

      Leather Zipper Watch Case

      While traveling, leaving your watches unprotected in your suitcase may not result well and harm your valuable watches. The solution for the protection of your watches is easy and pleasing to the eye as well. In order to protect your watches, every single detail is taken into consideration. A suede divider is used between two compartments and the holders of the four sockets to prevent the probable shock and displacement of the watches. The interior part of the zipper watch case is entirely made of natural suede leather including the socket holders to maintain your watches without scratched, scuffed or damaged.

      The craftsmanship of the Zipper Watch Case

      Leather is one of the most durable materials to use in order to achieve a quality product that everyone can cherish. Using quality leather is important but knowing how to handle genuine leather requires talent. All of the zipper watch cases are handcrafted and hand-painted by the talented craftsman of the Bosphorus Leather. A hundred percent genuine leather is used on the exterior part and genuine suede leather for the interior part of the zipper watch case. You can feel the velvety texture and luxurious feeling of the natural suede at every use. Suede storage slots dimensions go up to comfortably house watches up to 45 mm case including crown while keeping your watches safe and sound. Besides the practicality of the zipper case, the exterior is aesthetically appealing to everyone’s taste because different options of leather are also available. If you consider yourself an old-school person, patina and patina cp leather is the perfect choice because of the vintage look of the case. For a more modern and casual look, a natural leather zipper watch case is going to satisfy your expectations. Also, upon request, it is possible to customize the color of the case (purple, pink, orange, and such others) after choosing the leather to your taste and you can add or drop the pockets. No matter which one you choose, the quality of the case will amaze you and after a while, the zipper watch case is going to be your indispensable travel companion.