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      Leather Belt

      It is the little details that make a difference in your everyday or formal attire. Men’s belts are the perfect pieces to make a statement and be the finishing touch to any look. It's important to choose a piece with a prominent detail that will make your outfit stand out. This is why belts serve the potential as fashion pieces rather than being seen as a utility. Belts provide the support you need but for this reason, they should not be only considered as practical accessories. Foremost your attire is incomplete without a chic belt to complete your ensemble. Our belts will accompany you at any event and Bosphorus offers you a premium collection of high-quality genuine leather belts made by craftsmen.

      Men’s Belts Made with Finest Quality

      Throughout history, belts have been essential and irreplaceable pieces for men and leather is the perfect match for making a belt. But nowadays belts are a part of mass production as a lot of products. Bosphorus produces genuine leather belts by a true handyman and also the products are hand-dyed. Due to using genuine leather your leather belt might develop wrinkles, veins on the surface. These authentic belts age well because they are built to last and all there is left to you is to enjoy using them. Even though leather belts are mostly associated with formal attire but it is important to choose your everyday essential products made from quality materials. As they are made with one hundred percent genuine leather you can feel the quality of the belt from exterior to interior. So that, you can use our belts while running errands, or having meetings as they are versatile.

      Wealth of Colors

      To add a finishing touch to your outfit there are a variety of colors to choose from but is important to know which one suits your style and taste. All of the leather belts are crafted in textured leather and fastened with antique brass- gold square buckles which give them a vintage and sophisticated appearance. As for the colors, neutral tones like sand or tan pair seamlessly with casual wear such as jeans. If you want to try something bold or add interest to your outfit purple patina belt is perfect for you. So that you can achieve modernity through minimal details and express your personality via your clothes. With thoughtful color combinations such as matching pants and shoes you’re wearing to your belt, it is possible to effortlessly advance one’s style. In addition, all of the belts can be worn as a hip or waist belt but the sizing will differ according to your choice. You can choose different sizes as to your preference and later the only thing left is to appreciate the belts.