Galata Watch Roll

      Storing the timepieces in excellent condition is a must for watch enthusiasts. When watches are not on the wrist, you are so right to wonder about their safety. While travel means getting away from the routine, most people feel anxious to be away from their watches. In order not to worry about the health of your best watches and not to be separated, watch rolls can be regarded as the perfect solution for this problem.

      Galata Watch Rolls

      When going for a vacation, the dilemma is always there. Either take your best timepieces with you or leave them at home… In both choices, you cannot be sure about their total protection if you do not own a Galata watch roll. Bosphorus Leather watch rolls offer the perfect storage to your timepieces by supplying their safety thanks to their designs. The technique that is softening the snaps is applied not only to make them perfectly protected but also to make them use easily. The snaps of Bosphorus Leather watch rolls are secure, soft, and durable at the same time.

      Even your timepieces need storing safely at home, they should be cared for ultimately during travels especially when you are not wearing them. Galata watch rolls have been designed and produced to bring ease and comfort to your life and to ban any damage to your timepieces. Each Bosphorus Leather watch roll is produced with a protective divider so that the watches that you put in can not come too near to each other. One cushion per watch is supplied for the perfect safety!

      Quality and Durability All together with Chic Designs

      Together with watch rolls, all of the products of Bosphorus Leather are handcrafted from genuine leather. All materials are not equal especially if it is leather. Knowing how to handle leather is also important. Bosphorus Leather cares about uniqueness and displays this attitude in the products. Only the best quality types of leather are worked on the production by the experienced craftsmen of Bosphorus Leather.

      When you open the Bosphorus Leather watch roll, inside the cushion, the natural suede leather welcomes you with all of its softness and elegance. The natural suede leather can also be observed and felt on the cushions too! Because of not using Industrial Suede, it is possible to feel the natural velvety texture in Bosphorus Rolls. For the outside of the Bosphorus Leather watch rolls, different types of leather choices are presented. From Togo to Patina, and from saffino to ostrich, luxury and quality are met with elegance in Bosphorus Leather watch rolls. Different color and design options are also offered according to the appreciation. Craftsmen of Bosphorus Leather make hand-dyed with various colors such as purple, pink, orange, and among many others upon request! Whether solid color or patterned designs, you will surely feel authentic and distinct. Most importantly, you will not have to compromise the chic look while protecting your timepieces!