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      Vintage Leather Watch Straps

      Leather has accompanied humankind since the early times and, after all these years it is still the preferred material because of its durability, flexibility. Thanks to leather's aesthetic and utilitarian purposes it is the ideal match for making watch straps. Vintage leather watch straps are for the ones who cannot give up leather's characteristics but also want something different. Vintage watch straps are delicately hand-painted that is why they might have their appearance. Thanks to fast-fashion-related demand, synthetic alternatives have also arisen and with mass production, products lost their individuality, uniqueness, and quality. Bosphorus produces genuine leather watch straps handcrafted by a true hand man. Due to the authentic vintage look of the strap and its individuality, our vintage watch strap will bring you back to old times. Also, it is possible to switch your regular watch straps with vintage leather watch straps with almost all of your timepieces at home without using any tools.

      Elegant Pairing with Handcrafted Vintage Watch Strap

      Our vintage watch straps are entirely hand-stitched and are crafted from genuine, finest calf leather. Made from beautifully soft, supple leather and carefully given a distressed vintage look. Vintage watch straps are made by high-quality standards with extra care. It is meticulously crafted to ensure that it is breathable, durable, and comfortable. After a while, our vintage leather straps will form to your wrist and become softer with wear. Now, it is time to experiment and make new combinations with vintage watch straps. You can pair almost any of your timepieces although it is mostly combined with Panerai watches. Be careful while choosing your watch strap because the fit will depend on the watch's lug design. If your watch has a 26mm lug size it is required to purchase a 26mm vintage leather watch strap in order to achieve the perfect fit. It is possible to customize the lug size, length of the long part, the length of the short part, and the buckle. Especially for your vintage Panerai watches, it is recommended to choose Sew-in GPF Buckle, but for your other watches, you can make your choice between Sew-in GPF Buckle and Pre-v Screwed Buckle. With either choice, you can complete the vintage look of your vintage watch or create a contrast with a modern watch.

      Best Watch Straps

      Bosphorus Leather offers you our exclusive range of vintage leather watch straps which makes the process of finding the style you desire easier. We tend to gravitate towards safe and dark colors such as black, brown especially if it is for a formal environment. While on the contrary, we associate light colors for casual events but no matter what, it is possible to find whatever suits your taste. If you prefer to add exceptional colors to your watch strap collection or experiment with colors, colors such as sax blue, burgundy, green are also available.