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      Hexagon Watch Roll

      For travelers, securing their precious belongings is extremely important. Bags and suitcases are enough to do that, some people think. However, for some items, bags and suitcases are inadequate. Especially for timepieces, Putting them in a piece of luggage without protection may not end up well. In these circumstances, watch storage cases stand in the breach. Still, for the ones who know the value of their watches, the significance of the watch roll choice cannot be underestimated as well. Bosphorus Leather, with its total care of customer needs, knows the best about how to protect your watches in their perfect shape with the watch accessories. While keeping their policy, Bosphorus Leather also does not give up on the stylish and chic look. Bosphorus Leather Hexagon Watch Rolls, with their iconic designs, are available to protect your precious timepieces.

      Protect Your Watches With Hexagon Watch Rolls

      Feel authentic with Bosphorus Leather Hexagon watch rolls. With its totally different shape, there is no doubt of its charm. The best way to show your distinctive taste should be having one of those hexagon watch rolls that named after its shape, for sure. Instead of other Bosphorus Leather watch roll options that are generally produced in a circular shape, hexagon watch rolls are designed with six diagonal, which makes them different from many other watch rolls. The colors of Bosphorus Leather Hexagon Watch Rolls are also fascinating! From brown to orange, there are 8 different color options that you can choose among Togo Hexagon Watch Rolls. If you are not a fan of Togo leather for the outside of your watch roll, there are 6 different color options for patina hexagon watch rolls and 5 different color choices on parchment patina java hexagon watch rolls. Whatever your choice will be, your timepieces and your watch roll will get along well for sure. 

      Different Design, Same Quality 

      Don’t you think that the quality of the Bosphorus Leather watch rolls would reduce with the new updates on Hexagon Watch Rolls? Bosphorus Leather, as a policy, uses the best genuine leather for the outside and the softest suede leather for the inside and cushions of Hexagon Watch Rolls, just like every product of Bosphorus Leather. In Bosphorus Leather, the experienced craftsmen are the experts of leather; they know how to handle them in a good manner. More important, only the best quality types of materials are worked on the products of Bosphorus Leather together with Hexagon Watch Rolls. 

      When you open the Hexagon Watch Roll, natural suede leather welcomes you with all of its softness and velvety look. Both on the inside and on cushions, the nature of suede leather can be felt! There is only one part cushion and it cannot be separated from the roll. There are also 2 silver brass snaps as opening and closing up. For the outside of the Bosphorus Leather Hexagon Watch Rolls, different types of leather choices are presented. According to your appreciation, Togo and patina leather are available on Bosphorus Leather Hexagon Watch Rolls. 

      Whatever your choice will be, you will feel the difference to feel safe and iconic at the same time with Bosphorus Leather Hexagon Watch Rolls