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      Petra Watch Case

      Watches have come a long way from the time of pocket watches to nowadays quintessential item wristwatches. Even though the watches people buy today are quite similar to pocket watches, now it is quite hard to choose from the wide selection of watches in the market. Watch enthusiasts might own watches for different purposes such as business ware, casual watch, sport watch, and so on. Nevertheless, the quest for all of them is the same, finding the perfect storage solution also serves as a chic display case.

      Petra watch case allows you to keep your watches in pristine condition, protected, and scratch-free. Each watch collector should choose what watch case is most compatible with their priorities to extend the longevity of the watches. Browse through Bosphorus Leather’s extensive line of Petra watch cases and find the one curated for you. With time Petra watch case will become as important as the watches themselves.

      Petra Watch Box

      Petra watch boxes are made for keeping your watches protected when you are not wearing them. Each watch is a piece of art and it is important to ensure your valuable timepieces and display them accordingly. Petra watch box is the perfect addition to the top of any drawer, vanity unit, or travel set. It is possible to remove one of the cushions if you prefer to carry your other possessions such as jewelry, cufflinks, or other important belongings. The tray (insert) is also removable for the times you want to put the watches in your safe. It is important to keep the watches moisture-free while keeping your petra watch case in the safe. Watch cases prevent dust and moisture from reaching the wristwatches if stored with silica gel. In this way, your watches are stored safe and sound. Depending on the size of your collection, you can choose a petra watch case meant to carry 3, 4, 6, 8 watches.

      Leather Masterpiece: Petra Watch Case

      With years of experience, Bosphorus Leather products are created considering the finest details. From the beginning to the end Petra watch box is handcrafted and hand-dyed by true craftsman using premium materials as in a hundred percent genuine and high-quality leather. Besides the exterior design, the interior design is also taken into consideration. Instead of using industrial suede, natural suede leather is used to provide the customer with the best experience. The suede material prevents watches from getting scratched and having a compartment for each watch is necessary so that they do not bump into each other and damage the watch. Besides the practicality and quality of the Petra watch case, its appearance is also quite important. The small details like gold-silver coated corner shields, lock and stitches make the biggest difference. They add sophistication to the decor in your dressing room or your travel attire. Bosphorus Leather creates a variety of petra watch cases with different leather options and one of them will be perfectly suited to your specific style and taste.