Daily Routine Tray

      One of presenting the distinctive style is the choice of accessories for sure. Accessories are the complimentary items of the considered looks. Collecting the accessories is a passion and keeping them under safety is as important as possessing them. Many people are careful when they carry their luxurious accessories outside of the home, however; do you think you protect them enough when you think they are under control even if they can be harmed easily at home?

      Accessories can be damaged when they do not care well. Especially putting them randomly without protection may not be a good choice. Bosphorus Leather comes along with the solution and represents the Daily Routine Tray for your precious accessories such as Keys, Glasses, Pens, Wallets, Rosaries, etc. Your beloved complementary items deserve to be stored in the most luxurious, chic, and softbox that has ever been made! Bosphorus Leather with the ultimate care policy understands the need and offers the ostentatious daily routine tray options that you can select among. The best part is that you do not have to use more than one box to collect your accessories. Daily routine tray presents a wide range of use for each item you have.

      Functional and Elegant Daily Routine Tray

      Bosphorus Tray for your Daily Routines is specifically designed for daily products. You can collect your precious watches, wallets, glasses, rosary, cufflinks, and more with no worries. As much as Bosphorus Leather Daily Routine Tray offers the best protection to your accessories, it also functions as a chic shelter for your beloved belongings. Togo Leather for the Outside and natural Suede Leather for the interior is used in Bosphorus Leather Daily Routine Tray. A hundred percent genuine, high-quality leather is preferred and the box is all handcrafted by skillful craftsmen in Daily Routine Tray, just like in any other Bosphorus Leather product. The elegant look is given by the leather engraving techniques with scriptures on it, with the effects of Patina. For the interior of the Bosphorus Leather Daily Routine Tray, it is excellent to feel the velvety texture since natural Suede Leather is used for all cushions. It would be beneficial to remind that a removable leather cover can be hidden under the tray. Bosphorus Leather Daily Routine Tray consists of 6 Compartments for keys, Glasses, Pen, Wallets, Rosary, etc. 4 Cushions for Watches, and 1 Compartment for Cufflinks. In Bosphorus Leather, your need and desire have a say. You can order the daily routine tray among various color options according to your interest.