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      Watch Cases

      There are many accessories that men can prefer to wear. Among those accessories, a watch can be accommodated in a very different and special place since watches mean more than an accessory for some men. If buying a watch went too far from just a regular shopping routine, congratulation; you may be having an addiction to watch collecting. Still, do not worry! We know that this hobby is fun and makes us excited as much as it makes you do.

      Nevertheless, we are also aware that hobby is a bit different from other hobbies; it is not like dancing or collecting regular things like a stamp! We know that you want the luxurious and precious silver-colored watch with black leather stripped you saw on the retail display the other night. Those friends! They do not understand you! They always take you away from your passion like yesterday night. What a shame! Do not be sad, we are here for you!

      Watch Case

      We know that your precious, elegance, and luxurious watches need some friends who cover them and want to be sure that they are not hurt. Those friends must be precious, elegance, and luxurious as much as your watches are! Your watches and their friends which are (get ready!) Watch cases will get along well with each other. There are many available brand option in the market that is all open to your interest but still, many are also lacking some aspects. Do not forget! Your friends need other friends and they should be all equal. We have come up with a perfect solution for you because we know a great store that you can shop online. They also ship all around the world! If you are ready, we are here to tell you: It is Bosphorus. Bosphorus watch cases care for your passion and offer you luxurious and precious leather watch cases. If you want to carry them with you wherever you want (airport, stations, hotel, etc.), there are small-size watch case options. You can also keep it in your home but if you need bigger size protection, there are also maximized watch cases options that you can show off your high-quality watches. No matter what your option or maybe who knows, options are, you should know that they are all handcrafted and are produced with natural leather. If you want to feel special with the watch cases made by a true leather craftsman by hand, we know that this place is Bosphorus. Believe me! When you hold it for the first time, you will feel the difference!

      Leather Watch Case

      The smell will capture you since Bosphorus prefers only natural handcrafted leather texture in its products. Rather than mass production, handmade craftsmanship makes you feel that your watch finds its soulmate and they are all complete together. Those careful craftsmen use scripted Patina leather for the outside of the watch case box and again, natural suede leather for the interior of the roll. In all cushions, the natural suede leather is there for your watches’ comfort. Along with that, the most thing I love about Bosphorus is that it makes you feel special. There are master editions that are enthusiastically designed for people like collection addicts. It is also good to know that you can order your cases in any color with a hand-dyed option.

      If you ask me, the most precious thing while shopping is knowing that there is someone who cares about your wishes and passion. Moreover, knowing that there is someone who acts according to your interest and your comfort. Bosphorus brand and especially its watch cases are there for your comfort and security. Bosphorus watch case boxes offer you elegance and a luxurious look with your perfect matching watches. Do not forget: they care about your passion. Your choices are important here!