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      Watch Trunk

      In former times, watches were essential tools men used in everyday life. Unlike now, it was the only option to keep track of time. With the development of technology, phones could have replaced watches and make watches a part of the past. Instead, timepieces became timeless pieces. There is something more to having a timepiece on your wrist than to look into time. For most men, watches are one of the few complementary fashion accessories that they can wear and express their style. It might be difficult to choose from the endless options of watches at the market and this might result in accumulating a great variety of watches. If you consider yourself one of the many watch connoisseurs, watch trunk is the perfect fit for you. Bosphorus leather watch trunks allow you to display and protect your precious timepieces.

      Watch Trunks

      Bosphorus Leather offers you a wide selection of leather watch trunks in various styles, colors, and finishes. According to the size of your collection, it is possible to choose between the sizes for 21 watches, 25 watches, and 30 watches. With pockets/compartments version watch trunks, allows you to store your extra straps, spring bars, pins, etc. Watch trunks can be used for traveling, watch auctions, displaying watches, and also in your home. After deciding the size of the trunk, the leather options and the color is the important part to express your personality through the watch trunk. Colors grey, navy blue, purple, honey, and more are available in different leather options. For a more simple presentation, saffiano, ostrich leather is perfect. With the aim of a more exotic and unique look, alligator leather is recommended.

      Leather Watch Trunks

      Bosphorus Leather represents craftsmanship, quality, elegance, and style, by producing contemporary watch trunks for everyone. Considering the perfect combination of experienced artisans and the finest quality materials, the convenience of the watch trunk is created. To satisfy the watch connoisseur, premium materials are used from beginning to end as in a hundred percent genuine and high-quality leather. Besides the exterior part of the watch trunk, the velvety texture of the sumptuous suede leather-coated interior part is going to meet your expectations.

      Bosphorus Leather watch trunk houses up to 30 watches by having a double tray inside. In order to keep your valuable wristwatches safe and prevent probable touch, there is a gap between the two trays. Also, the interior surface of the upper shutter does not touch the watches when the case is closed. In order to keep your leather watch trunk pristine as the years pass, taking proper care of it is a necessity. By this his way you can appreciate its glory for many years.