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What Is A Diving Watch?

Wouldn’t you like to feel the comfort of carrying your timepiece with you even under the water? A diving watch is a timepiece that enables you to wear it under the water by resisting the high pressure of deep water. It would not be wrong to say that dive computers have been replaced with diving watches. Still, a diving watch is the preference of many people in case of a computer failure under the water. There is also the fact that in today’s world, a diving watch offers more than water resistance which makes it an irresistible timepiece for watch enthusiasts. If you are interested in this device and you keep reading it, it will be beneficial for you to know the essential components of the diving watch.


Bezel is one of the components of a diving watch that surrounds the watch dial. The mechanism of the bezel enables only to turn counterclockwise. If you take a look at the design of a bezel, you are going to realize that the markings are repeating at least every five minutes. In fact, the mechanism and the design of a watch are based on a reason. With one-way rotation and marker features, the aim is to eliminate the time span confusion that a diver can have under the water.


A gasket that is formed as soft rubber or a synthetic ring is the one that giving the diving watch a waterproof feature.

Helium Escape Valve

This component is essential if only you are interested in deep diving. This feature is not found on every diving watch, still, it is intended for saturation diving.


Lume can be translated as the luminescent material that can be found in the watch dials. This device is applied to the timepieces especially to be noticed in the dark. As it gives the light under the water, it will be a beneficial feature when looking at the time in the dark.

A Screw Down Crown

This simple crown functions like a seal that bans water entrance into the crown tube.

Watch Size Guide

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