Gift Ideas For Men

  It has always been difficult to find the perfect gift for the man in your life whether it is your dad, husband, boyfriend, son, friend and, so on. Before settling for a gift idea few things should be taken into consideration. The best gift for men is something that is both thoughtful and practical. Men mostly adopt the idea of pragmatism and if the gift you choose is something he can use daily, makes it the perfect gift. On the other hand, if the man in your life has a finer taste, you cannot go wrong with classic leather staple pieces. Leather goods show the person’s style and taste also, with the customizations, its exclusivity. The gifts included on this list will appeal to almost all men with different styles and interests.

Watch Rolls

  Watch rolls are known as travel cases and it is designed to protect watches during travels. They are finely made to showcase your timepieces, protect and store easily even at home. Watch rolls can be used to safely transport multiple watches up to four. In order to keep the watches safe and scratch-free, watch cases have dividers for each spot. Also, natural suede leather is used for the interior of the roll for ultimate protection. If you want a unique watch roll as a gift, it is possible to make it hand-dyed with various colors upon request besides the ones available. Watch roll is the perfect gift for the ones who cannot travel with only one watch. In addition to that, you will be there with the experiences of the man of your life no matter where he goes.

watch rolls


  Wallets are an indispensable part of every man’s life. Bosphorus will make sure that the man in your life can carry their essentials in style. They are crafted from the finest materials in a wide range of colors, unique prints, and sizes. All of the wallets are inspired by the authentic look of vintage effects but it is combined with the innovation of modern designs. There are few different styles to satisfy everyone’s expectations from a wallet. Medium-sized wallet’s come with two options; the one with coin pocket and without coin pocket. And there is the long wallet which can almost be used as a purse. There is an extra part(wing) in the middle of the wallet. That super functional extra part has 2 sides. It has a silver snap for closure and it can fit a phone inside of it. Lastly, we have the small wallet option as a stainless steel money clip and 2 lower supporter slots to save banknotes while it is opened up.



  These sneakers offer men a timeless look with casual, sport wearing and with suits. They can be worn on any occasion and still look chic but also feel comfortable. Bosphorus sneakers are being crafted from hundred percent genuine high quality leather. As the man in your life receives these sneakers as a gift he will notice the softness of the leather as a first impression. Later on, these shoes will make him comfortable even on long days. Also, you can personalize all these items by putting his initials on the gift. This personal touch can be applied to everything because all of them are handcrafted. You can buy one item in these gift ideas or you can buy multiple as a set.


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