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Article: This is Rolex Submariner

This is Rolex Submariner

All Rolex watches are created and designed by hand with the utmost care and excellent quality but this is different. Here we are as Bosphorus Leather presenting you the new generation called Rolex Submariner. Time is precious but together with Rolex Submariner, it is more and more precious.

Unique Prestige, Elegance, and Design

People have always been interested in watches, especially in Rolex. Now it's time to make people more excited with this unique prestige, elegance, and design. Rolex Submariner is a watch for diving mostly but it is also timeless. People can wear it and attract the attention of others when they are diving, when they are dating, or when they are having dinner. Although Rolex Submariner is designed mostly for diving it can also be a dinner partner. Rolex Submariner has the most unique function in that it has a water resistance of 300 meters, in other words, 1000 feet. The ones who have this perfect design can have the chance to dive in water and time as well. Rolex submariner is a watch that can be owned but the watch is so attractive that it has also the power that can turn an owner into an owned. We as Bosphorus Leather, claim that people who have a model of Rolex Submariner will witness how it exactly rules them in person. With its attractiveness, you will want to satisfy not only yourselves but also your Rolex Submariner. All you have to do is buying one and living your life together as best friends at the best level. We are sure that you both will be a team that is impossible to be separated. We are also sure that you and your Rolex Submariner will look perfect in every moment and aspect of your life. Just enjoy it!

Quality with Different Colors

Rolex Submariner is not a watch designed and produced within certain limitations. It is a watch that is free! The most important reason for its being free is that it offers people choices. Choices are always there for you. The only thing you can do is to decide what color you want. Rolex Submariner in Oystersteel offers a watch that has a black dial and rotatable bezel. This bezel is together with the matching Cerachrom insert. As an addition to this model, another perfect one for you can be the combination of Oystersteel and yellow gold. It is called the yellow Rolesor version as well. If you are not satisfied with these models yet, there are more versions as well. Here, there is also the Rolex Submariner Date. As another perfect design, this model offers you a royal blue dial again with a rotatable bezel and blue Cerachrom insert. There is also another version of Rolex Submariner Date for you. This version is in 18 white gold. There is no other watch better than these. So when you have the chance, don't push it. Just pick one and suit your style!


I can’t get you, Mr Submarine.. Because you so untouchable for me currently, I don’t know next.. 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

Alex Purnama

Rolex Submarine, I Love You so much… 🤭 🤭 🤭

Alex Purnama

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