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Refund Policy


The Refund Policy of Bosphorus is “ so simple ”, “ quite basic” ! No need to bear around the rush with chic, fancy and long sentences that get you bored!


Just we need your unpackaging video record! We advise that when you receive the consignment, please take a video record as you open up the package of the consignment of the delivery company. That method facilitates the job of both of us!


If you were not able to take a video record, please send us photos of the item that shows default or defaults in reasonable day. Let's imagine that you are in hectic days and you were not able to send the photos of the product. Calm down, we can easily notice our faults when you provide the clear photos and compensate for them! If you are able to prove the Bosphorus Leather item has a default; rest assured, we will send out a new one to your address or refund immediately.


PLEASE! Before purchasing a product(s), be aware of the preliminary information regarding the basic qualifications, sales price and the delivery of the product(s) which are shown in the website have read and informed the basic qualifications, sales price and the delivery of the product(s)! 


We are afraid, the withdrawal right of the buyer may not be possible to use, if Bosphorus sends the right product(s) as shown in the website without any distortion, any color difference!


The “Warranty Policy” of Bosphorus Leather is quite simple as its Refund Policy. Bosphorus Leather Warranty shall cover all products and shall remain valid for a period of two(2) years as from the date on which the “Buyer” received the “Product”.


Throughout the period of warranty, Bosphorus Leather undertakes to replace at no extra cost all “Products” which the “Buyer” declares faulty, as well as to repair any operational malfunction detected and declared by the “Buyer”.


In all cases, Bosphorus Leather reserves the right to verify by any means or method, any default detected by the “Buyer”, without hindrance from the “Buyer” to the persons assigned by Bosphorus Leather to carry out such verification. This warranty shall not apply to any faults or damage to the products incurred by negligence or misuse of the Buyer. To be more informed about “Product Care”


Rest assured, you will have a customer lover after sale policy. So far, we have replaced our products even though they had natural leather wrinkles, scratches to pleasure our customers.