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Thank you for choosing Bosphorus Leather products. Our items are meticulously crafted from high-quality leathers, accessories, leather dyes, and interior fabrics in our workshop, where our skilled craftsmen master the art of leatherwork. We approach our work with a passionate and amateur spirit, yet maintain a high level of professionalism. As the owner, chief of the atelier, and master of all craftsmen, I personally oversee every aspect of production. This dedication to our craft, along with our innovative techniques that combine various methods from shoemaking, bag making, and leather jacket production, has garnered recognition for our brand in a relatively short period.

Before discussing product care, it's important to note that genuine leather may exhibit natural characteristics such as veins and wrinkles on the surface, which are not imperfections but rather authentic features of the material.


To ensure the longevity of your Bosphorus Leather product, please follow these general care guidelines:

  1. Keep your product away from alcohol, alcohol-containing substances, sanitizers, water, oil, prolonged humidity, direct heat, and dusty areas. Avoid exposing your product to extreme temperatures, as this can damage the leather and fade the dye. Should you notice a stain, refrain from using chemicals, solvents, or everyday household items such as soap or lotion. Extended contact between light-colored clothing and leather products may cause slight color transfers.

  2. Handle your product with care to prevent scratches or damage. Avoid placing it on rough or uneven surfaces. Prolonged contact with dark or colorful materials may result in color transfer, so it's best to keep your product away from such materials.


Please identify the type of leather used for your Bosphorus Leather product as outlined under the "Features" section in the product description. Here are specific care instructions for each leather type:

  1. Patina Leather and Ostrich Leather:

    • Keep these products away from the conditions and materials mentioned in the general care guidelines.
    • Patina leather develops a unique vintage appearance over time due to hand-dying. If it gets wet, let it dry naturally without using any cloth. To remove dust, use a soft cloth or velvet.
    • For stains, gently clean with a soft shoe brush and avoid using chemical cleaners or solvents.
  2. Vegetable Tanned (Natural Colored) Leather:

    • Follow the general care guidelines and keep the leather away from the specified conditions.
    • Blot water immediately with a lint-free, absorbent cloth. If the leather absorbs water, allow it to dry naturally.
    • Over time, natural leather develops natural effects, veins, wrinkles, scratches, and may darken slightly, adding to its vintage appearance.
  3. Saffiano Leather:

    • Adhere to the general care guidelines and avoid the specified conditions.
    • Blot water with a lint-free, absorbent soft cloth (preferably 100% cotton).
    • Clean with a slightly dampened soft cloth and finish with a clean, dry cotton cloth. Prevent contact with other colorful products that may cause color migration.
  4. Natural Suede Leather:

    • Keep suede products away from the specified conditions.
    • When suede encounters water, allow it to dry naturally without blotting.
    • To maintain the velvety texture, remove surface dust with a soft sponge or brush. Stains can be erased using a rubber brush.


Bosphorus Sneakers are meticulously crafted and hand-dyed, resulting in unique and unseen colors. To ensure the longevity of your sneakers, please follow these care instructions:

  1. Resting: Provide ample resting time for your sneakers to maintain their initial shape and condition. Alternate between wearing Bosphorus sneakers and other shoes, and store them with shoe trees in a dry place during their off days.

  2. Avoid water, chemicals, and erosive materials: Keep your sneakers away from water, solvents, sanitizers, and materials that may cause stains or scratches. If your sneakers get wet, allow them to air dry naturally. For mud stains, let the mud dry before gently removing it with a soft shoe brush.

  3. Cleaning: Do not wash your sneakers with water, either by machine or soaking. Use a shoe polish for color restoration and apply in circular motions. Clean the non-leather sole with a damp cloth and mild soapy water, keeping it away from the leather portion to avoid color loss.


At Bosphorus Leather, customer care is of utmost importance to us. Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We are here to address your needs and ensure your satisfaction.

Thank you for choosing Bosphorus Leather.