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Article: Tray


A Passion

If you are curious about one of the biggest ambitions in men’s lives, just think of your collections in your house: watches, cufflinks, or maybe rosaries… Such accessories that men prefer to carry probably mean more than other’s realization. It is the perfect meeting of passion and desire.

Men love to create safety as they do not want any harm to their beloved ones. They treat their accessories just as they do to their friends. Bosphorus Leather as a brand appreciates the ones who dote their accessories and want protection at the highest level. Since Bosphorus Leather is aware of your passion for your accessories, Tray is designed for the maximum safety of your daily products by the ingenious craftsmen of Bosphorus Leather. Thanks to the excellent design of the Tray, you will be able to conserve your belongings whether in your house or in your office.


Do Not You Compromise The Elegant Look

Bosphorus leather brings another passion into your lives thanks to the excellent designing and luxurious look of Tray. If you are curious about the techniques given to the total look, the appearance of this highly elegant tray is combined and richened with leather engraving techniques with scriptures on it, by applying Patina effect techniques. Tray is also handcrafted just like the other Bosphorus Leather products and is crafted from the hundred percent genuine, high-quality leather. While Togo leather is preferred for the outside look, natural suede leather is used for the interior design by the craftsmen of Bosphorus Leather. Moreover, don’t you ever miss that natural suede leather is used for all cushions. With the quality of Bosphorus Leather, you are all free to feel the natural velvety texture by staying away from industrial suede texture. Your accessories will feel the comfort of looking chic with the Daily Routines Tray!

Decide Your Style

The most beautiful thing while shopping is to know that there is someone who understands your values and offers different choices according to your interest. Bosphorus Leather as a brand proposes customization options for their products including Trays. You are able to uncover your creativity just according to your interest in Bosphorus Leather. The customization is possible for the color of the interior and for the pockets of the Daily Routine Tray. Hand dye is made to order whatever you choose among different colors such as pink, orange purple, etc. You can also remove and hid the leather cover under the tray if you would like to. With 3 cushions for watches, 1 compartment for 10 cufflinks, and 6 compartments for your keys, glasses, pens, wallets, rosaries, and many other accessories, you will be able to treat your accessories just the way they deserve it.


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