Leather Shoes

      These premium pieces of shoes have been made by Bosphorus Master Craftsmen which offer you a cool appearance with your casual and with your suits! The colors, Patina effects, models of the shoes actually belongs to Fashion World and now we apply our experience on the Bosphorus shoes!

      Handcrafted Bosphorus shoes are being crafted from hundred percent genuine high quality leather! The shoes are also completely hand dyed and Bosphorus Master colorists gave the most unique patina look in the world by using thier secret and special art!

      Bosphorus workshop ensure that our team work with high passionate and when your shoes is finished, they first must like its final version before dispatching!

      Our shoes collection consists of handmade and bespoke pieces. For this reason, it requires a 4-6 week production, preparation and delivery process in line with your order.