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      Canvas Watch Straps

      Watches are essential devices for our everyday life but, despite their function, it is important to remember that watches and fashion are intertwined together. With the use of watch straps, you can change your watch’s appearance and create your style. Thanks to a wide selection of interchangeable canvas watch straps, you can adjust your watch to suit your everyday attire. Canvas watch straps will complement and enhance the appearance of your casual clothes such as jeans, polo shirts, etc. If you wish to try new combinations, it is easy to switch your straps at home without using any tools. Canvas watch straps are mostly used with the Panerai watches, which are loved by many but do not let it mislead you. It is possible to swap your regular watch straps with canvas watch straps with almost all of your timepieces.

      Personalize Your Watch With Canvas Straps

      Bosphorus Leather offers you various colors and styles of canvas watch straps. Depending on the occasion, there are multiple options to choose from. The important part is to find what suits your taste. Some colors can apply to everyone’s taste such as grey, charcoal black, and so on, however, to experiment with colors there are also colors mint, wine red are available. It is possible to favor choosing dark-colored canvas straps because of the misconception that they will get dirty easily but canvas watch straps tend to stay clean. All of the canvas watch straps are waiting for you to add to your life. The style may differ but all canvas straps are made from high quality, durable, and comfortable-to-wear canvas materials.

      Craftsmanship and Magnificence of Canvas Straps

      Our selection of canvas straps is designed to respond to the needs of the customers who want different materials rather than leather. From the beginning of the making process to the end, canvas watch straps are handcrafted by a true hand man. Canvas watch straps are made by high-quality standards to ensure durability, quality, and uniqueness. You will experience it once you unbox the strap for how high quality it is. With the use of premium canvas, your canvas strap will age beautifully and it is going to have a vintage effect. Also, for vintage style, Panerai watches it is recommended to use the Sew-in GPF Buckle but for your other timepieces, you can choose between Sew-in GPF Buckle and Prev Screwed Buckle. The customization does not end with the buckle and it is possible to make the canvas strap accustomed to you by choosing the lug size, length of the long part, and the length of the short part. They will wear in and be more comfortable with an added fantastic look. When change is desired, it is possible to change your favorite watch with a simple, humble yet chic canvas watch strap.