Patina Straps

      Bosphorus Leather creates patina straps for you to truly experience deep refinement. Taking all things into consideration, you can feel the difference between machine-manufactured watch straps and made-in-order, marvelously handmade watch straps. With the use of the finest quality leather and the talent of a true hand-man, astonishing watch straps are made for the consumer. By, applying dye with several brushes, craftsmen manually achieve the aged look of the patina watch straps.

      Also, patina leather is a truly remarkable leather to produce watch straps because it ages like fine wine. So, the patina strap only becomes more beautiful and unique with time. The patina strap will perfectly suit your magnificent watches and enhance the appearance of your watch as well as your style. As we all know watches are one of the biggest complementary fashion statements for men. With the wide selection of patina watch straps, you can change the look of your watch to suit your taste or try new styles.

      Patina Watch Strap

      Bosphorus leather offers you a variety of colors and styles of patina watch straps. Patina watch straps can work for every occasion because of the sophisticated but casual look of it. The aged look gives the watch strap a more formal look, but it will complement your everyday attire as well. The important part is to find a patina watch strap that suits your taste. Some colors will satisfy every customer, such as brown, grey, light tan, and so on. Nevertheless, there are some patina watch straps for the ones who want to experiment with colors such as green, blue and purple. Especially rainbow and rosella are the ones for the people who want unique and exotic watch straps. The colors are eye-catching on their own and they can be conversation starters wherever you go. No matter which style you choose, you get the finest quality, durable and unique leather patina watch strap.

      Patina Leather Watch Strap

      All handcrafted, entirely hand-stitched Bosphorus patina leather watch strap is crafted from genuine, finest calf leather. From the beginning to the very end, every step of making a patina leather watch strap is made carefully and with love. Patina leather watch straps are designed for the people who want durability and the quality of the leather. An attractive combination of design and durability makes the perfect watch strap for all of your watches. Bosphorus Leather patina watch straps are mostly used with Panerai watches but don’t worry, you can use the patina strap with almost all of your watches after you choose the right measurements. It is possible to personalize the lug size, length of the long part, and the length of the short part to fit your watches. As for vintage style, Panerai watches, it is recommended to use the Sew-in GPF Buckle but for your other watches you can choose between Sew-in GPF Buckle and Pre-v Screwed Buckle. The best part is that there is no need for tools to switch your watch straps. It is possible to change your regular watch strap to a patina leather watch strap with ease.