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      Iphone Cases

      With the heritage since the 1960s in leatherwork, Bosphorus creates genuine leather Iphone cases to bring the luxurious feeling of leather to your everyday life. To maintain your Iphone’s pristine condition it is important to choose a good case. It is easy to scratch or breaks an all-glass phone without any protection. But with Iphone’s chic design it is not appealing to use cheap looking plastic case for protection. In this instance, leather Iphone cases are the solution. Leather cases provide protection and, with the premium look of the leather, it complements Iphone’s display. Also with the leather Iphone case, you can have a personalized phone with a unique look that reflects you as a person. These leather cases are compatible with Iphone 11, Iphone 11 Pro, Iphone 11 Pro max and it fits perfectly over the curves of the Iphone without making it look bulky. 

      Leather Iphone Cases

      Leather Iphone cases are made from genuine finest quality calf leather which makes it soft to the touch. Later the case develops a patina look over time that makes it unique. These cases are made from natural leather on the outside, and natural suede leather on the inside for maintaining ultimate usage for leather enthusiasts. We can say that elegance and luxury appear from both interior and exterior. On a side note, it is possible to see wrinkles, veins on the surface of the case due to using genuine real leather. This shows the authenticity and classically refined look of the case. Best Iphone 11 cases are produced with some color options (such as green, grey, brown, etc.) so that it appeals to different tastes. Also on our site, it is possible to personalize cases for Iphone 11 upon request. For example, you can add your initials to your Iphone 11 pro case and it is prepared according to your order. Bosphorus Leather offers you sleek, durable, and unique cases with great craftsmanship.

      Iphone Cases For Iphone 11, Iphone 11 Pro, Iphone 11 Pro Max

      Iphone 11 Pro and Iphone 11 Pro Max are the flagship phones of Apple. Iphone 11 series was introduced in September 2019 and it draws the attention of the people who wants what is best. So that the ultimate phone deserves ultimate protection. Leather is perfect for durability and it only gets better and more beautiful with age. In addition to the elegant look leather Iphone 11 pro max cases absorb the shock of the fall better than hard plastic. With hard plastic cases, the shock strikes pass through the case to your phone and this is why it is inevitable to break your phone. Also, leather Iphone 11 phone cases insulate your phone and if you were to leave it in direct sunlight, the heat would not pass through the case. Even though it protects your phone you should avoid leaving your leather case in direct sunlight. It is necessary to protect and value your leather Iphone case that protects your phone. Iphone 11 cases are made by craftsmen that give importance to even the finest details to produce the best product for you. Bosphorus offers you high-quality leather cases in a variety of styles.