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Article: Are you ready to observe the luxurious lifestyle of Dubai?

Are you ready to observe the luxurious lifestyle of Dubai?

After this reading, you will want more than just observing. Because in Dubai, there is no limit. This is the city where boundaries are broken. You will be able to achieve more than what you want. This city has some qualities as offering you something splendiferous, that you have always been deserving, that maybe you have ever dreamt off… If you are thirsty enough, here are the most popular places for your next destination.

Burj Al Arab

Although there are numerous exclusive hotels in Dubai and each one is inimitable, Burj Al Arab is one step ahead of the alternative hotels. Just a correction, it is not an alternative, it is an icon. This architectural beauty sitting in the glamorous city is believed to be the most luxurious hotels in the world by keeping the 7 stars all alone in the world. You will feel the absolute luxury and highest standards in every aspect with the suite accommodation. Just feel the height and enjoy your view! Withstanding 321 m tall, it is accepted to be one of the tallest hotels all around the world. Just imagine yourself appreciating the Arabian gulfs from the top. To keep in mind, Burj Al Arab is the symbol of celebrating glory.


The Penthouse at Five Palm Jumeirah Dubai- Night Club

Just like life goes on, this city is harsh: fun never stops! Believe us, you will be aware of the risk that you may always miss the news around you because there is always something to catch up. First of all, this place offers you more than nightlife. It is believed that this is the place where friends, food, and socializing come together. Change is so sudden! It is a lively adults-only rooftop day-night club and evening lounge. From the 16th floor, you’ll taste the magnificent air with japanese and levant-inspired menus and delicious cocktails. Do you need new tastes? Then leave yourself to the best deep house DJs and the rhythm of the night.

The Penthouse at Five Palm Jumeirah Dubai- Night Club

Platinum Heritage Dubai

If you are after a luxury desert safari, you need to go to the root: Platinum Heritage Dubai. In this place, everything is created just for your interest as there are many opportunities for a different type of visitors. Selections are up to you… Are you into vintage Land Rovers or modern land rovers? If you are adventure addicted, and looking for mountain, desert and sea, neither of them will be enough but adventurous land Rover. Platinum Heritage should also be appreciated for caring Global Welfare Guidance for Animals in Tourism which defends and supply the freedoms of animals.

Platinum Heritage Dubai

Dubai Mall

Just like luxury, shopping also comes to mind when speaking of Dubai. By being one of the largest malls all around the world, Dubai Mall brings 1200 stores, 120 restaurants, and cafes together. At the heart of the mall, amazement is waiting for you: Human Waterfalls. It is popular by traversing across the floors of the mall. The mall also has the beauty of the aquatic world. With Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, get ready to meet 33000 marine species just in one place. Luxury and adventure meet every day in Dubai Mall.

Dubai Mall

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