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Article: Protect Your Precious Timepieces with Watch Trunks

Protect Your Precious Timepieces with Watch Trunks

Watch Trunk

Watches are one of the few complementary fashion accessories that men can use to create and define their own style. To define their style, they generally cannot decide which one they should wear or which one is more like themselves. Eventually, among all the different designs and brands on the market, men can accumulate a wide variety of watches. Okay, but what will you do with a great variety of watches? Here is our suggestion: To extend the life of your watches and keep them elegantly in one place, choose a watch trunk. The true watch trunk will be your go-to product!

Protect Your Precious Timepieces with Watch Trunks

Watches used to be one of the indispensable everyday items for men. Unlike now, this is the only way to keep track of time. When you look from a broad perspective you can see that wearing a watch on your wrist means more than just checking the time. For most men, a watch is one of the few complementary fashion accessories they can wear and express their style. It can be difficult to choose from the endless watch options on the market, which can lead to the accumulation of a large number of watches. If you call yourself one of many watch connoisseurs, the Watch Trunk is for you. The Bosphorus leather case allows you to display and protect your precious timepiece.

Bosphorus Leather offers you leather cases in a variety of styles, colors, and finishes. Depending on the size of your collection, you can choose from 21 watches, 25 watches, and 30 watch sizes. Case with pockets/compartments allows you to store extra straps, spring bars, pens, and more. The case can be used for travel, watch auctions, watch exhibitions, and at home. After you have determined your case size, leather options and colors are an important part of expressing your personality through the case. A variety of leathers are available in grey, navy, purple, honey, and more. For a simpler presentation, Saffiano ostrich leather is a perfect choice. For a more exotic and unique look, alligator leather is recommended.

Leather Watch Trunk by Bosphorus Leather

Bosphorus Leather stands for craftsmanship, quality, elegance, and style by creating modern cases for everyone. The convenience of the case was created with the perfect combination of skilled craftsmen and the highest quality materials in mind. To satisfy watch connoisseurs, premium materials such as 100% genuine premium leather are used throughout. In addition to the exterior of the case, the velvety texture of the lush interior covered in suede will meet your expectations.

Bosphorus leather case is a double shelf that can hold up to 30 watches. To keep your precious watch safe and avoid possible contact, there is a gap between the two compartments. Also, when the case is closed, the inner surface of the top clasp does not touch the watch. Proper maintenance is necessary to keep leather cases intact over the years.

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