Bosphorus Leather Shoe Collection

New Shoe Collection

What makes an art an art? Rich, Famous, or well-known?

Politely no. An art; It should have a story that people admire. It does not captivate with its sophisticated and inspiring details. There must be a symbol in the field. It should not be a follower; it should be followed.

These are the details that make Bosphorus Leather’s new shoe collection "art". Handcrafted Bosphorus shoes are being crafted from hundred percent genuine high-quality leather. The shoes are also completely hand dyed and Bosphorus Master colorists gave the most unique patina look in the world by using their secret and special art!

And so are born pieces that are some of the most precious symbols of shoe art. Appear the way a gentleman should appear when you're at a meeting at your company or traveling, attending an important event, or arriving at a hotel.

Bosphorus Leather will continue to be your backstage assistant.

Bosphorus Leather Shoe Collection

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