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Article: Watch Size Guide

Watch Size Guide

Are you in need of learning your watch size? Deciding your perfectly fit watch for your wrist can be tough sometimes… If you do not know your ideal watch size, let Bosphorus Leather be your guide for your ideal watch size search.

Watch Size Manuel

Deciding on a perfect watch size can generally be confusing, especially for the ones who are not informed about their wristwatch size. Still, this issue needs an explanation since the format of measuring a wristwatch size is a bit difficult to understand. After reading the Bosphorus Leather Watch Size Manuel, this problem will be out of your problem anymore.

To find your perfectly matched watch, it would be beneficial to explain how to measure a watch. After this information, another issue will be the topic of discussion, that the way how the shape of the watch cases can be influential on the appearance of a watch on you.

Watch size

Watch Cases

If we are talking about measuring a watch case, it should be known that the measurement unit is millimeters (mm) and the measurement is done by a device called a caliper. Most commonly, round shapes are preferred for watch cases. The size of round-shaped watch cases is differed according to their diameter measure. Below the picture, you will be able to see the difference between many watch case sizes. Still, you should be aware that screens can be tricky and in order to observe the actual size and appearance, it is recommended to print the picture below. Another issue that you should be certain of is that the extent of a picture should be in accordance with the page.

watch cases shape

Watch Case Shape

The case shape is also influential on the appearance of a watch on your wrist. Therefore, your decision will change the size of a perfectly fit watch.

Let’s say you are in the middle of a decision between a round case and a square case that has the same measurement. Still, thanks to the geometry, the appearance of these two watches will not be the same on your wrist.

As distinct from round case watches, the square case watches may look large on your wrist since they have more square footage on the dial. Even in the same shaped watches, the appearance can alter due to the dial option. In the thicker Bezel and smaller dial options, the watch may give the illusion as if you are wearing a small one compared to the same shaped and sized watch.

Originally, each design element should be considered since they all affect the total look: type of hour markers, the thickness of the case, the straps, the crown, and the pushers. For example, some watches may have ultra-thin cases while others have voluminous thickness. Just keep in mind that when a watch has many complications, it means the case is thick to function mechanically.

watch straps

Watch Straps

While talking about watch sizing, the length of the strap is also influential on the size of a watch.

While up to 36 mm length of a strap is harmonious with 6” wrist or less, and between 38” mm and 42” mm length of a strap is harmonious with 6” to 7” wrist, 44 mm to 46 mm strap length is appropriate for 7” to 8” wrist.

watch straps size

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