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Article: The New Petra Collection

The New Petra Collection

Together with good taste, a watch is a key to transcend the ordinary. The reason why timepieces come to the mind as a leading figure of men's accessories is the ability to change the whole dynamics of the total look. Still, limiting the meaning of a watch can be an injustice for the ones who know and appreciate the real value of possessing these chic items.

For the watch enthusiasts, timepieces function not only to conform with the clothes but also to be displayed. If you have ever heard of something called collector, the image will be reformed after you learn about watch collecting addicts. Who knows? Maybe you are also an addict who is about to be aware.

More Elegance and More Comfortable

Collecting timepieces is complicated compared to other hobbies. Rather than quantity, quality is in charge for sheltering these luxurious and elegant watches. Speaking of shelter, the coverage is as important as the choice of the timepiece since the enthusiasts want to give what they deserve to their precious ones. According to the rumor, a watch case shall not be paled beside a watch. Rather than that, a watch case should be harmonious with magnificence and luxury. The watch should feel comfortable and secure in its shelter just as it unites its own home. Thus, watch addicts differ in spending much time to decide what is best for their timepieces.

More Safe With Its Cover

It is high time to give your luxurious and chic watches’ due without any hesitation with the Bosphorus Leather’s Petra Watch Cases. Bosphorus Leather as a brand knows what this passion means to you and just design and produce Petra watch cases acting as a sanctuary. Bosphorus Leather is there to appreciate your care towards supreme timepieces by designing fully protected natural leather handcrafted Petra watch boxes. Not only for the display but also during your travels, Petra watch cases enable you to carry your precious and gorgeous timepieces with you safe and sound wherever you decide to go. Just like the protection is at the ultimate in these luxury Petra watch cases, the charm of these lovelies is waiting to surpass you at the utmost. You do not have to compromise the chic and authentic look in Petra watch cases!


You are about to meet the ultimate care thanks to the Bosphorus Leather’s handcraft policy. Rather than mass production, they prefer to handcraft their products thanks to the talented workshop craftsmen. Moreover, all handcrafted / hand-dyed, excellent Bosphorus Petra watch cases are crafted a hundred percent genuine, highest quality scripted Patina Leather! Those careful craftsmen use scripted Patina leather for the outside of the watch case box and again, natural suede leather for the interior of the Petra watch box. In all cushions, the natural suede leather is there for your watches’ comfort and safety. Remember, size is up to your need, and customize is all open to your interest. In Bosphorus Leather, your decisions matter as the brand wants you to reveal your potential and unique part.


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