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Shipping Policy

Free Worldwide Shipping through via DHL Express, and Fedex International Priority using the fastest services available.

We are pleased to note that the items you select from our "Ready To Ship Category" are handcrafted treasures, pre-prepared for your enjoyment. Upon purchasing Bosphorus Leather Next-Day Shipping product(s), your order will be dispatched the following day via DHL Express or FedEx/TNT Express Carrier. (Please note that orders placed on Saturdays will be shipped on Mondays as delivery services are unavailable on Sundays.)

Upon shipment, a tracking number will be provided, allowing you to monitor your order’s journey online.
Every product in the Bosphorus Leather Store is a handcrafted masterpiece, with some items also being hand-dyed. As we do not maintain a ready stock, the crafting of your order begins post-purchase, typically requiring nearly 30 days to be ready for shipment. This duration may slightly vary depending on the specific item, customizations, and additional features requested. Once ready, the shipping period generally spans 2-5 business days to reach your doorstep, as stated by the delivery companies.

Post-purchase, your order, denoted by a unique order number (ID), is placed on our Production List, monitored closely by our skilled artisans and dedicated staff. Following a thorough Quality Control Process, your order is shipped via DHL Express or FedEx/TNT delivery services, and a tracking number is provided for online tracking.

Each Bosphorus Leather product is meticulously packaged in its protective dust bag and original box, adorned with our brand logo and name, ensuring it arrives in pristine condition.

For expedited delivery, we kindly request you to provide your phone number, email address, postcode, and accurate address while placing your order.