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Article: Space Tourism

Space Tourism

Space Tourism

Space has been one of humanity's greatest concerns throughout history. Celestial bodies, their distance, the infinity of space are the subjects that mankind has been thinking about humanity since the early ages. Space tourism came to the fore in the 2000s, after we started to explore the space that we could look at with telescopes until the 1950s. In this period when preparations were made for a trip to Mars, touristic visits to space also became a separate dimension of this adventure of humanity. Moreover, millions of dollars have been allocated for this for a long time. Dennis Tito, who went on a space journey from the Baikonur Space Base in Kazakhstan on April 28, 2001, became the first space tourist in history. After Dennis Tito, Mark Shuttleworth in 2002, Gregory Olsen in 2005, Anuse Ansari in 2006 took places in history as space-going tourists. In the meantime, besides scientific research, the topic of touristic travel to space has continued to be on the agenda increasingly. In the race to take tourists to space, many names, including Tesla owner Elon Musk and Virgin Galactic owner Richard Branson, are in race. Now, it is your turn!

Preparation Process for Space Tourism

It is said by the engineers and pilots that the most important thing to prepare yourselves for your space tourism is to move your body and do sport! NASA astronauts go through a similar preparation process before they go to space. Since the human body is not used to living in space, regular sports and preparation for different gravity are essential. This different gravity in space is called microgravity, and when we are exposed to it, it is not enough to just adapt our physical movements. Separating from the world gravity we are used to, our bones and muscles begin to shrink. To prevent this, intense exercises need to be done both before space and during the journey. It's important to do this ahead of time because when you go into space you will be able to sit back and enjoy the experience! Moreover, the amount required for space tourism, where you will experience the gravity-free environment and the wonderful view of the Earth for a while, actually depends on the companies you prefer. The starting prices required to make this invaluable experience are generally around 200 thousand dollars. As we have said before, the prices vary according to the companies but also depending on the flight height, the technology used and some other features. With a little research, what can be observed is that the prices are around 2, 3, or 4 million dollars at the maximum. Are you one of those who say I will do whatever it takes to go to space once, or vice versa? In our opinion, you definitely should not miss it!

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