Bosphorus Leather is run by Adem Arslan from Turkey.

Adem also selects the high-quality leathers, leather dyes and other equipments for our
products by own self. Even he is the owner, he works nearly all parts
of the production process. Our products ship all over the world, from
the US, Europe to the Middle East and the Far East and Australia.

"Adem's history with leather"
Our craftsman and team leader Adam tells: My father was a shoe
repairman. He has been started in 1966 when he was 11 years old.
Our story starts with the turning back of my uncle to our hometown
after working for 4 years at a workshop in Istanbul. When our uncle
and father came together and decided to open their own leather
workshop in our hometown, it was 1980.

As we were a small kid, we were working on leather with our father in
school holidays. I can say that my education history concerning
leather has been started in that days.  We were transforming the
experiences of our father. It may sound strange to you but shoe dying
was my hobby, my love in my childhood. Making shoes shiny with waxy
smell was an enjoyment for me. I was searching and asking to
experienced old shoe painters how I can make better. They were being
pleased to teach 6-7 years old kid.

Until high school, my life goes like this. After high school, my
family wanted us to start undergraduate. They don't want us to do the
same job.

I had started my university education but I quit in 2 my second year.
My passion was doing business concerning leather. I had started to
work at my brother's leather bag workshop in İstanbul. I have decided
that this was the best job which I can do. I also couldn't believe in
my progress. I was getting ahead in leather studies.

After 7 years of working at my brother leather workshop, I wanted to
follow up my own way. When I  was working with my brother on leather
bags, our clients were asking for making handmade watchstraps. These
demands directed me to work on the watch straps. I have given all my
attention to watch straps in my own leather workshop.

Day by day we were getting ahead in making the handcraft watch straps.
Then I saw there were not any good quality leather watch cases.
We started to making that. And we also have got so many good feedbacks
about watch cases.

When we make our product we synthesize shoemaking, bag making, and a
leather jacked making technique. Taking advantage of this, we started to design more complex leather products.

We are always working and thinking to improve our self. That's why we
get positive feedback on our products.

From 12/01/2019 , we are under your service with our registration document that
shows "Bosphorus Leather" is official brand, registered by European Union
Intellectual Property Office.

Many thanks our precious customers to prefer an official brand!