Watch Roll

      People who have a passion for luxury watches and make this passion a hobby do not only see the watch as a tool that shows time but also adopt it as a "jewel that shows time". Appealing to the tastes of luxury watch lovers with its rich and impressive product options, Bosphorus leather works with great care to give this jewel the value it deserves. The most important way to preserve these precious time jewels in the most accurate way is hidden in watch rolls that will carry it, protect it, but also show its value all the time.

      Watch Rolls

      Bosphorus Leather allows you to store your luxury watches at their best with watch roll options that offer both elegance and functionality. Offering functional storage for your watches at home, these products are designed to safely protect your watches during your travels and holidays either. With the watch rolls, which are durable, convenient and easily portable, you can take your watches anywhere you want, with the easy to separate cushions located on the inside of the box, you can easily wear your one of the watch you want. Also, with the cushions inside of the rolls that are strengthened by special technique, you put in your watches safely and even if it is opened or you shake the travel case, they won’t fall out. Designed with single, double and triple box compartments for the needs of users with a luxury watch accumulation hobby, the watch rolls offer an ergonomic use that allows you to carry multiple watches in a single box.

      Leather Watch Rolls

      It is of great importance to carry precious time jewels, that is, luxury watches, in a box of the beauty and value they deserve. Bosphorus watch rolls complement your elegance by creating a harmonious union with your luxury watches with their aesthetic and elegant designs. Luxury watch rolls that are produced with color options to appeal to different tastes and pleasures offer an original and stylish elegance. Moreover, colors and design details are prepared according to individual order upon request. In coloring, we also make hand dye with various colors (purple, pink, orange, etc.) in accordance with personal tastes and upon request.

      Durability that Comes with True Leather Craftsmanship and Quality

      Made with fully handmade with one hundred percent genuine cow leather and true craftsmanship, the watch rolls offer durability in terms of handling and housing. These rolls that Natural Leather for the outside and Natural Suede Leather are used for the interior part maintain the same form for many years and promise long-term usage for luxury watch enthusiasts. Also, all cushions are produced with the natural Suede Leather. Offering a natural velvety texture, natural suede leather combines true hand man craftsmanship with quality. Watch rolls, where craftsmen work carefully even in the finest details, are also designed to safely protect your luxury watches with a special technique-reinforced cushion structure.

      Time is precious, and it is necessary to pay as much attention to their boxes in order to protect them, not to avoid giving the necessary value to the watches showing the time. Therefore, watch rolls are also indispensable for luxury watch enthusiasts. So, Bosphorus handcrafted leather watch rolls are the right choice for your luxury watch collection.