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      Men who know how to appreciate elegance and fashion would understand the value of accessories. Sometimes, an accessory can be a way to illustrate the inner taste and sometimes, an accessory can be a guidance for harmonious style. Still, harmony does not always have to be achieved with ordinary accessories. For the ones who are after the extraordinary and the chic at the same time, personalized accessories are prominent items to reveal the difference and potential. We know how enthusiastic and ambitious you are when it comes to getting what you deserve. As much as you care about your passion and style, Bosphorus Leather is there to supply your must-have, classy, and luxury accessories that would perfectly fit your fashion and taste.

      Men’s Accessories

      A wallet is generally seen as an accessory that helps people to carry banknotes, receipts, and cards. They may be right: wallets function great to stay organized. Still, many people are not aware that the wallet works as a mirror that reflects the choices. In a way, the wallet is a way to illustrate your good taste as there are various accessory options in different colors, materials, and designs. There is this saying that men’s wardrobe is incomplete without a chic wallet that is finely made. Bosphorus Leather is there not only to complete you but also to reveal your distinctive fashion understanding as Bosphorus Leather offers handcrafted leather wallets in different designs that can perfectly accord with your spectacular taste.


      It is unbelievable that how phones have become so special in our lives. It is an undeniable fact that we carry our most special memories and information just in a device. When this is the case, protection gains important at this point. A phone case is an accessory that provides protection and comfort at the same time. More than that, it is an accessory that offers uniqueness. Still, mass-produced phone cases are not sufficient to make you feel original enough. To receive you your new unique and luxurious accessory, Bosphorus Leather produces handcrafted Genuine Leather Case for Iphone 11, Iphone 11 Pro, Iphone 11 Pro Max. Beside their unique patina look, Bosphorus Leather provides personalization option just to appreciate your distinctive style.

      Break The Boundaries

      Creating your fashion is a passion. Glamorous and chic outfit can be attained with small touches. Accessories are the ones which have huge potentials to differentiates you. Among these varied accessories, men belt is like a magic wand as it has a special power to change the direction of a total look. Belt is the symbol of an elegant and classy look rather than a utility for most of men. Still, mass-produced belts are commonly selected by most of them. In order to create a specific style, men should break the boundaries by following the own taste without compromising uniqueness and quality. With Bosphorus Leather, you will enjoy following your path by staying outside the limits. All of the Bosphorus leather belts are crafted in textured leather and fastened with antique brass- gold square buckles which will put you in a distinguished apprearance with vintage looking.