Leather card holder

Chic and Marvellous Card Holder

Carrying multiple cards is tiring most of the time. Especially if they are not organized, struggling to find the card may result in having loss of time and energy at the same time. Using wallets can be seen as the solution, however; many people do not prefer to carry one since it takes up space. Card holder are the perfect choices when you want to gather and carry your card together organized. Above all for the ones who dislike the weight and size of the wallet, cardholders offer ease of use.

As much as card holder provide practicability, they supply an authentic and chic look. A card holder is one of the best accessories that tells much about your personality. To add a personal touch to your credit card holders, Bosphorus Leather presents the most spectacular card holders by caring about your style.


There are limited accessories that you can reflect your style and taste. Since the accessories have a say about your choices and personalities, card holders will be the choices of whom that want to share their distinctive sides. Especially, card holders are chosen by the people who want to differentiate by the pile. Be aware that not everybody uses a card holder wallet and enjoy being authentic!

A business card holder is also an excellent accessory that creates an impressive first impression. Card holders have the power to draw positive attention to an important meeting. In fact, in business meetings, your refined taste will be appreciated by others around you. You would impress them with your original and unique wallet card holder choice for sure. Card holder wallet can reflect your steady side as well.

Keeping the Cards Organised and Clean

Having cards abundantly may cause some problems. You may also look for a place to store your passports and tickets in a safe place. It is hard to find one of them if they are not organized. Card holders offer a solution by providing places where you can keep your card organized. Sometimes, you may also have some trouble accessing your business card. Although this is an unpleasant moment both for you and for the opposite, card holders support you not to have one of these memories.

Not only keeping them organized but also carrying your cards clean will be another plus of having a card holder. Especially when thinking about business card holders, the neatness of the cards will probably be your priority of yours.

Chic and Marvellous

There is no wonder that card holders reflect your different side. In this decision, the design and the quality are as important as having one credit card holders. Bosphorus Leather, by its unique designs with the care of customer needs and choices, offers the chic and authentic look that you seek. Bosphorus Leather card holders are all handcrafted and hand-dyed. These premium card holders are crafted from a hundred percent genuine and highest quality veg-tanned cow leather. Their vintage appearances are being given by Bosphorus Workshop Craftsmen who have mastery of leather dying and vintage effects. Among crocodile and patina leather, choose one of your best-fitted card holder according to your interest and enjoy being recognized for your perfect taste.

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