Make Your Watch Straps Stay With You Longer

If you have enough time to care for your leather watch straps it means that you can enjoy them for many years to come!

Step By Step

First of all the steps that you should follow, it is important to know that there can be some wrinkles and veins on the surface of your leather watch straps. It is normal! As the watch straps are made from leather, the veins and imperfections on the band prove both its excellent quality and authenticity.

The first and important point is that you should keep your favorite watch band away from alcohol and such kind of things. Moreover, it is also important that the place product stays should not be too hot or too cold which may shorten your leather watch band’s life. In addition to these, we, as the brand, recommend you to keep your watch band away from chemicals, solvents, lotion, and products used daily at your home. Its reason is that when chemicals contact a leather strap, some color transitions may occur.

Another important step for the leather product is; being careful and making sure that your leather watch strap does not expose damages just like scratches. When it happens, color transfer to the surface of your product occurs. So that it does not happen, keep your eye on your band and let them be safe!

Last But Not Least

As the watch bands need utmost care, there is also one more step for you. When you wash your hands, there is no harm in contacting soapy water. But it will be damaged if you wash the watch band directly with soapy water. Otherwise, you may face damages on the surface of the band again and again.

We care for you. When you have a problem or question, it would be a pleasure to end your concerns.

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